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Assessment Essentials focuses specifically on 'what every teacher needs to know about assessment'.

The course follows a micro-lesson structure, designed to fit around the busy timetable of teachers and is a commitment of around 1.5 hours per week. It includes insight interviews with leading thinkers and practitioners – Dylan Wiliam, Daisy Christodoulou, John Hattie and others who will help teachers reflect on and develop their practice.

There are two overarching goals of Assessment Essentials:

1. to help make your students learning more visible and, thereby, increase confidence in the dependability of decisions made in the classroom and beyond;

2. to help maximise the power of assessment as a powerful learning tool.

Week 1: Introduction and perspectives on assessment
Week 2: Making the invisible (learning) visible
Week 3: Harnessing assessment as a powerful learning event
Week 4: Intent, implementation and impact
Week 5: Enhancing your assessment practice
Week 6: The power and potential of feedback & delivering effective feedback
Week 7: Fairness in assessment
Week 8: Theory into practice: selecting and designing assessments
Week 9: Theory into practice: selecting and designing assessment (pt. 2)
Week 10: Embedding great assessment in your classroom

Who is it for?
The ten-week course responds directly to the clear and pressing problems identified by the Carter Review of Initial Teacher Training and, as such, Assessment Essentials is ideal for ITT, RQTs and in-service teachers alike.

"I'd recommend Assessment Essentials to every teacher!" – Nikki Booth, Assessment Advisor at Wolgarston High School discusses his experience of the course.

What is the cost?
Assessment Essentials costs SGD$170.00 per person.

Assessment Essentials will:

  • Improve the efficiency of assessment practices, helping you reduce workload – do more with less
  • Guide you to question existing practices
  • Help you link assessment with curriculum and pedagogy, to improve student outcomes
  • Reframe the value of assessment, offering case studies and advice from other school leaders
  • Maximise the power of assessment as a tool for learning

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Join over 1100 educators from around the world, engage on the discussion boards, and start to Assess Better!

"I have really enjoyed this course - it was exactly what I needed for my CPD and way beyond the quality my school can provide in-house!"

"A gem of a course! This is the most valuable CPD I have had in a long time. The quality of materials is excellent and the ability to work through the course in one's own time is extremely helpful for the busy teacher!"

"The course has been genuinely useful and encouraged me to re-think some of the departmental-level assessment practices we had."


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Workshop Fee:

1. S$199.00 per participant

2. Fees are subject to GST 7% and include all training materials.


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