JA2511522: Learner Agency
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Learner Agency


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Learner Agency is a term educators are hearing more and more about. It appears in educational policy documents around the world, and school leaders are being told the importance of creating environments that promote "Learner Agency".

If schools are to empower this idea, it is essential that we are able to answer the following questions:

  • What does Learner Agency really mean?
  • Why should school leaders care about it?
  • How do we support teachers to increase agency in learners
  • What tools do we use to guide and measure the impact of our work?


Learner Agency relates to a student's ability to navigate their way through life and positively impact their circumstances. It's about ensuring they are the master, not the victim, of their circumstances, and it is about students being powerful, not powerless, in the face of adversity

It is important for educators to understand that Learner Agency is not something we can give to students. It is a capability that needs to be developed by, and within, the learner. Ultimately, learners must carry and continually build their agency throughout their life, and this highlights our second problem: that despite the various guides produced in some jurisdictions, there is a broad lack of teacher understanding of what Learner Agency is and how to effectively implement it in the classroom.


Three interdependent and equally important aspects:

The definition James Anderson provides gives a clear picture of what Learner Agency is and a practical pathway for schools to develop Learner Agency. This definition demands that schools attend to three interrelated and equally important aspects of Learner Agency.

If, as school leaders, we are to address the development of Learner Agency effectively, then we must address these three elements:

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Learner Agency - Free Webinar

This webinar, recorded in partnership with Independent Schools Victoria, explores the concept of Learner Agency through the 3 lenses of the environment to act, the will to act, and the power to act.



Workshop Description

Learner Agency is fast becoming the latest educational buzzword. It is appearing in educational policy documents around the world.

But what is "Learner Agency"? Why should school leaders care? How do we support teachers to increase Learner Agency in students, and what tools can we use to guide and measure the impact of our work?

It is important for school leaders to understand that agency is not something we can simply give to students. Learner Agency is a capability that needs to be developed by, and within, the learner. Ultimately, learners must carry and continually build their agency throughout their life. And in order to do that, we need a clear school-based definition and a set of practical tools and strategies to enable teachers to work meaningfully with these ideas.

To help school leaders successfully navigate Learner Agency and ensure teachers have a clear guide to develop it, this workshop will be based on this definition: "Learner Agency is the degree to which an individual is able to take initiative to meaningfully influence their world, particularly in the face of challenges. It involves three interrelated and equally important elements: the environment to act, the will to act and the power to act." James Anderson

In this workshop Mr James Anderson will show teachers and school leaders how to develop an environment to act, the will to act, and the power to act in order to develop true agency in their learners. You'll be given practical tools to develop Growth Mindsets and introduced to the concept of Learnership as a means to empower learner agency.



Learner Agency White Paper


White paper cover


Download the 28-page guide to Learner Agency. 

Discover what schools can do to avoid common mistakes and to meaningfully develop Learner Agency.


Download the white paper







About Mr. James Anderson

James AndersonJames Anderson is a speaker, author and educator who is passionate about helping educators develop more thoughtful students. Originally a teacher and school leader, for the past 20 years, James has been working with schools to make classrooms more thoughtful places. He challenges teachers to think deeply about their own Mindsets and how their beliefs are communicated to students in often subtle and unintended ways.

In his 2018 book, The Agile Learner he skillfully combines three key areas of research: Growth Mindset, Habits of Mind, and Practice to create the concept of the agile learner. He is the creator of the Mindset Continuum which gives educators a deep understanding of their role in nurturing a more growth-oriented mindset in their students. His work is both practical and powerful, providing the tools teachers need to ensure their students not only understand they are capable of growth but also understand how to go about achieving that growth! A Certified Speaking Professional and sort after presenter James engages and empowers educators around the world.


Registration Details

Course Code: JA2511522

Topic: Learner Agency

Trainer: Mr James Anderson

Dates & Time (A total of 4 sessions):

Session 1: 25 August 2022 Thursday

Session 2: 1 September 2022 Thursday

Session 3: 15 September 2022 Thursday

Session 4: 22 September 2022 Thursday

Time: 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm, the time stated are in Singapore time GMT+8

Mode of Delivery: via Zoom

Closing date:5 August 2022 Friday

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Workshop Fee:

S$300.00 per participant. The fee is subject to GST and includes all training materials.

Other Information:

Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis. No refunds will be made for cancellations or in the case of absentees. The Academy accepts replacements for registered participants who are unable to attend for whatever reasons.

School/Cluster-Based Workshop Registration

If your school or cluster is keen to conduct this as an in-house programme, please contact Joseph Loy by email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or tel: 6363 0330 on the cost of conducting the workshop.